What are the Current Childhood Vaccination Rates in the U.S.?

Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect children against the flu and several other potentially-dangerous communicable diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend vaccination against Hepatitis B at birth, and vaccination against 13 other diseases between the ages of two months and six years.

According to a study published in late 2018, 98.9 percent of children receive at least one vaccine by the age of three, and more than 90 percent of children receive at least three doses of the hepatitis B and poliovirus vaccines and at least one dose of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and chickenpox vaccines. However, the study also indicates that, “[c]overage was lower for most vaccines among uninsured children and those insured by Medicaid, compared with those having private health insurance, and for children living outside of metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), compared with those living in MSA principal cities.” For children who are uninsured, the rate of vaccination drops by as much as 30.3 percent for certain vaccinations.

Rates of Childhood Vaccination for Certain CDC-Recommended Vaccines

The study also included the results of a survey examining vaccination rates for nine specific CDC-recommended vaccines. In 2017, vaccination rates for individual immunizations among children between the ages of 19 and 35 months ranged from 59.7 percent to 94.0 percent:

  • DTaP (at least three doses): 94.0 percent
  • Hib (primary series): 92.8 percent
  • Poliovirus (at least three doses): 92.7 percent
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) (at least three doses): 91.9 percent
  • MMR (at least one dose): 91.5 percent
  • Hepatitis B (at least three doses): 91.4 percent
  • Varicella (at least one dose): 91.0 percent
  • Hepatitis A (at least one dose): 86.0 percent
  • DTaP (at least four doses): 83.2 percent
  • PCV (at least four doses): 82.4 percent
  • Hib (full series): 80.7 percent
  • Hepatitis B (birth dose): 73.6 percent
  • Rotavirus (recommended series): 73.2 percent
  • Hepatitis A (at least two doses): 58.7 percent

Immunization rates for each of these vaccines has remained fairly constant over the past five years, with the greatest increase seen in immunization against Hepatitis A (a 2.9 percent increase for at least one dose and a five percent increase for at least two doses), and the greatest decrease seen in immunization against Hib (a 0.9 percent decrease for the primary series and a 1.3 percent decrease for the full series).

Risk vs. Reward: Injury Risks Associated with Childhood Vaccines

There are many common misconceptions about the risks associated with childhood vaccinations. However, while many of the concerns associated with childhood vaccinations are misguided, all vaccinations carry risks for certain types of injuries and illnesses. This includes injuries and illnesses triggered by vaccinations themselves (such as anaphylaxis resulting from an allergic reaction), as well as shoulder injuries resulting from errors during the vaccine administration process. Learn more: What are the Most-Common Vaccine Injuries?

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